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When Liberals Get Triggered

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From an annual March that got out of control to YouTubers sharing their opinion online without getting the reaction they were hoping for, here is what happens when liberals get triggered.


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Number 7 Paul Joseph Watson
In April 2019, English YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson was permanently banned from Facebook and its Instagram services, without being given a proper reason. Others, such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Louis Farrakhan, were also permanently banned from the social media site around the same time. The YouTuber claims the ban happened because of his contrarian views as he hadn’t broken any of the site’s rules.
Number 6 Carpe Donktum
Aside from getting a few nods from the President himself, Carpe Donktum has also received some mainstream media attention. In that capacity, being misrepresented by the Washington Post isn’t the worst thing that has happened to the meme maker. Buzzfeed had reportedly run a background check on him and found his private Facebook profile. He added that while he’d emerged as a sort of public figure, his family were “very much private citizens”.
Number 5 Andy Ngo
In the video, which has over half a million views on YouTube, the protesters threw eggs, milkshakes, cans at Ngo and sprayed him with silly string. Others were cheering on the attack as it unfolded.
Number 4 Mini AOC
An 8-year-old child actress named Ava Martinez recently became viral for impersonating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as Mini AOC.
Number 3 Ashley St Clair
St. Clair claimed she did so in order to show support for US troops and law enforcement. She also criticized Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for what she described as promoting disrespectful behavior. She then proceeded to climb and dance around a traffic sign, all the while continuing to insult St Clair. The clip subsequently went viral, with over a million views.
Number 2 Steven Crowder
Conservative commentator Steven Crowder had his channel demonetized by YouTube in response to his feud with Carlos Maza, who produces and hosts the series “Strikethrough” on Vox. He added that Crowder supporters had doxed and harassed him. There were supporters who spoke out in favor of both men and YouTube investigated the matter. The company demonetized Crowder’s channel until he addressed all facets of the matter. This was done despite the fact that YouTube had reviewed the disputed content.
Number 1 Nicholas Sandmann
The incident at the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, DC, serves as a prime example for the necessity of proper context when it comes to the way information is transmitted and received. On January 18, 2019, a group of students from the all-male Covington High School in Park Hills, Kentucky, were participating in the annual March for Life near the monument. At the same time, several Native American marchers were attending the Indigenous Peoples March. The key moment in the short viral videos, which sparked outrage online, was of Covington student Nicholas Sandmann standing in front of Native American activist Nathan Phillips. The latter was banging a drum and chanting inches away from Sandmann as he stood his ground and smiled. This gesture in the face-off was described by the liberal media as a relentless “smirk”. Sandmann was wearing a MAGA hat as were others in his group which appeared to be encircling Phillips as he banged his drum. The key word here is “appeared”. The liberal media was quick to condemn Sandmann and the Covington teenagers as were a number of celebrities. A few days later a longer video was put out which gave vital context to the story. It involved a Maori haka and the student leading the chant took his shirt off. Phillips then approached the group of teenagers while banging his drum. He would later give conflicting versions to the media of what had happened. Phillips claimed he was trying to get up the stairs and that he was blocked by the Covington group but he can be seen going directly towards them. Phillips also makes no effort to go around Sandmann, who simply didn’t move from where he’d been sitting.

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