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When Kangaroos Attack

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The kangaroo is an Australian icon, but not many have seen this creature’s dangerous side. Here is what happens when kangaroos attack!


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What Is It?
The Kangaroo is often symbolically associated with its native country of Australia, appearing on some of its currency as well as on its coat of arms. They are the only large animals that use hopping as a primary form of locomotion. Kangaroos store elastic energy in the tendons of their hind legs and it’s the springing of the tendons that powers their hop, rather than the use of their muscles. They use their strong tails not only for balance but also as type of third leg, pushing off it when they walk. The best known kangaroo species are also the largest and the ones people think of most upon hearing the term. These are the antilopine kangaroo, the eastern grey kangaroo, the western grey kangaroo and the red kangaroo.
Number 7 Greig Tonkins
The most viral kangaroo video to surface in recent years involved a man, a kangaroo, a dog and a punch that echoed around the world. As Tonkins approached the kangaroo, it let go of Max and started hopping towards him.
Where Is It Located?
As previously mentioned, most kangaroos are endemic to the Australian continent. They tend to prefer different habitats, depending on the species. For example, red kangaroos are mostly found in the rangelands of western New South Wales while antilopine kangaroos are found in the woodlands of the far north. Kangaroos live in social groups, called mobs, of 10 or more members. Like it is with most marsupials, the mother carries the babies, called joeys, in a pouch as a form of post-natal development.
Number 6 Jonathan Bishop
On March 7, 2019, Jonathan Bishop was paragliding near Canberra, Australia. As he was preparing to land in a clearing in the Orroral Valley he saw a group of grey kangaroos. One of them suddenly started hopping towards him. Bishop, who was recording his trip at the time, thought the animal was being friendly.
Number 5 Cyclist in Queensland
A cyclist, only identified as Rebecca, was riding her bike in the Boonah region, on Australia Day, 2018. According to one of her friends she was well enough to laugh about the incident within a few days.
Number 4 Jim and Linda Smith
Wildlife caretakers Jim and Linda Smith were feeding the kangaroos on their front yard, at their property in Darling Downs, in southern Queensland. They’d cared for wild kangaroos for many years without incident. A large grey kangaroo then approached them and the elderly couple thought it was one they’d raised. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
Number 3 Golfer in Sydney
While it’s not exactly clear what caused the animal to act that way, the 52-year-old man was left with serious cuts to his legs, arms and face. Paramedics were called to the Riverside Oaks Golf Resort around noon and rushed the injured golfer to Sydney’s Westmead hospital.
That’s why it’s important never to feed them and to keep your distance. Crouch down and back away or try to get something between yourself and the animal.
Number 2 Debbie Urquhart
In January, 2017, Debbie Urquhart was jogging close to her home in Templestowe, in the north-east of Melbourne.

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