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When Ice Skating Goes Wrong

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Ice Skating, Speed skating & ice hockey fails. Here are the worst figure skating couple falls & most painful injuries that happen when ice skating goes wrong!


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What Is It?
Ice skating is gliding across the surface of the ice by means of self-propulsion with the use of metal-bladed skates. Movement is enabled by a combination of friction and velocity. The fact that surface ice is made up of molecules less tightly bound than the ice mass below is what allows skates to glide over it. Some evidence suggests ice skating originated in the south of Finland more than 4,000 years ago. During that time it was most likely a means of conserving energy during winter journeys. Ice skates were further developed in the Middle Age and their basic design has largely stayed the same since then. Ice skating spread and, while many still enjoyed it as a pastime, it also slowly grew into various sports.
Number 5 Olga Prokuronova
In 2006, Olga Prokuronova and partner Karel Stefl were skating at the European Championships, in Lyon. At some point Stefl lost his balance during a lasso lift. This type of lift meant that Stefl had to raise his partner overhead in a hand to hand press where both skaters were facing the same direction.
Where Is It Located?
Ice skating can be done for recreation, exercise or travel and it’s also practiced in the form of various sports such as ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, ice cross downhill and others. It can be practiced both outdoors and indoors in specialized arenas, parks or tracks but also on naturally-frozen bodies of water such as lakes, rivers or ponds. Ice skating-related activities are generally most common in countries with prolonged winter periods such as Canada, Russia, the northern US and the Scandinavian countries.
Number 4 Jessica Dube
In February 2007, Jessica Dube and partner Bryce Davison were participating in the free skate segment of the Four Continents Championship, in Colorado. They were both rotating in a side-by-side camel spin, a move in which one leg is extended horizontally.
Injuries are common in ice skating, regardless of the activity associated with it.
Number 3 Elaine Warwick
In 2009, Elaine Warwick was skating at a public rink in the town of Lockerbie, in south-western Scotland. There were over 60 people at the ice rink and none of them reported anything suspicious about what happened.
Number 2 Clint Malarchuk
Former goaltender Clint Malarchuk had one of the most graphic injuries in the history of ice hockey. In 1989, Malarchuk’s Buffalo Sabres played at home against the St. Louis Blues. Amazingly, he was back on the ice only ten days later.
The risks of ice skating on a professional level are well-understood by those involved. Staying safe is thus a combination of physical fitness, proper technique and equipment as well as extensive training. Lose any heavy gear but keep your clothes on as they will create air pockets and help you stay afloat. The direction you came in is the easiest way out, as the ice is most likely stronger there. Get your arms onto the solid surface and use anything sharp as an anchoring point. Keep your body flat and don’t stand up, as it will concentrate your weight and crack the ice.
Number 1 Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin
Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin are pair skating royalty, having earned a number of gold medals together, including one at the 2006 Olympic Games.

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