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What Can Be Found if Area 51 was STORMED?

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Storm Area 51 memes & simulations are circling around the web. The top-secret facility in Nevada Desert is for real. The 1st raid will reveal conspiracy theories, alien technologies & UFOs, but what else can be found if Area 51 was stormed?


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Number 8 Projects
While most entries on our list come from the realm of conspiracy, this one is rooted in fact. So, if you get in, you’d most likely get to witness some of the most advanced man-made technology on Earth. That might not sound as thrilling as alien flying saucers but it’s still pretty remarkable when considering that ground-breaking machines were tested at Area 51.
Number 7 Extraterrestrial Beings
The main stated purpose of the “storm Area 51” online meme is to “see them aliens”. The proposition is that, in 1947, a flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The idea that alien beings are found at the base has known multiple versions throughout the years. Even Bob Lazar, the man most cited in UFO conspiracies, claims to have briefly seen small grey beings during his time at a facility, near Area 51.
Number 6 Weather Control Devices
From 1962 to 1983, they ran Project Stormfury in which flying aircrafts seeded tropical cyclones with silver iodide in an attempt to weaken them. Weather control experimentation is still rumored to take place at Area 51 in top-secret conditions.
Number 5 An Underground Tunnel Network
One conspiracy theory claims that there’s an underground railway system at Area 51, which stretches across the entire North American continent. It supposedly has secret access points and high-speed transportation which facilitate rapid movement to virtually any point on the map. Some reports claim that the tunnels were dug using modified alien technology. Conspiracy theorists believe there’s also something called the “Cheshire Airstrip” named after Lewis Carroll’s disappearing cat from Alice in Wonderland. The airstrip supposedly only becomes visible when it’s sprayed with water. This would definitely fit into the Area 51 lore. However, satellite images of the area show airstrips that officials have made no attempt in hiding. This would seem to negate the need for an invisible air strip, unless it was completely unconventional in shape and purpose.
Number 4 Headquarters for the Majestic 12
The function of the organization, headquartered at Area 51, was to retrieve and investigate aliens and extraterrestrial spacecraft. The MJ-12 concept originated in the 1980s from a series of supposed leaked documents spread by ufologists. There’s a version of the MJ-12 theory claiming that the highly-classified organization is actually in charge of maintaining an alien-human deal.
Number 3 Energy
DEWs are also researched by China, Russia and the UK. They are expected to become operational by the late 2020s. They were allegedly designed by reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology.
Number 2 UFOs
In the late 1980s, when Bob Lazar basically exposed the existence of Area 51, he made some fascinating claims about his time at another top-secret facility. According to Lazar, for roughly 6 months, he worked in a facility called S4. It was located at Papoose Lake, several miles from Area 51. He claims to have seen 9 UFOs, of various shapes and sizes, during his time at S4. They were kept in large hangars that were concealed into a mountain side. Lazar says he worked on one of them, a flying-saucer which he nicknamed Sport Model. It was supposedly powered by an antimatter reactor, that enabled it to move unbound by gravity. Lazar’s job was to try and reverse-engineer the alien technology which, by his own admission, he was unable to do. Lazar’s story has served as the basis for a number of conspiracy theories regarding the existence of UFOs at Area 51.
Number 1 Human-Alien Hybrids
There’s a US-based group called the Hybrid Children Community. It’s most comprised of women who say they were taken aboard alien spaceships and had relations with extraterrestrials. Moreover, they say they’ve had children with these beings and that their hybrid offspring are currently living on spaceships. It’s a fascinating proposition but they might not be alone in their claims. There’s a belief among conspiracy theorists that humans and alien beings are working together at Area 51 to breed a race of superior hybrids. The resulting species would look like regular people while secretly possessing superior alien intellect and abilities.

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