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We’ve Had NIRP Since the 1990s | Eric Dubin

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This Podcast 🎧 A week of price pullbacks, and consolidations for 3 of the 4 primary precious metals. Some big news events for the week which will positively affect Precious Metal values long term.

Silver looks to be closing this week with a spot silver price of around $17.50 an ounce.

Gold has dropped below the 1500 support level, looks like the spot gold price is closing this week around $1490 fiat Federal Reserve notes per troy ounce.

The platinum spot price fell about ten bucks, closing near 950 per ounce.

And palladium continues to show the other precious metals their new nominal fiat dollar high future, likely to close trading over 1,610 per troy ounce.

Not merely a returning guest, but an original returning host of this SD Metals & Markets podcast.

Eric Dubin drops by to talk financial markets and some of the craziest news from this week. Things like President Trump tweeting for the Fed to cut not just to Zero percent but even nominal Negative Interest Rates ahead.

If you think gold loves negative real rates, just imagine what nominal negative rate in the USA could do to the over-leverage gold derivative complex.

A more the 23 yr employee and the up until last month, global head of JP Morgan’s precious metal trading desk, has been on a leave of absence from work. We ponder what that might mean as the US Department of Justice continues its investigation of financial crimes committed for more than a decade at that bank’s derivatives trading desks.

SIDETONE apologies for listeners before we begin, my internet blackout forced me to make the call outdoors. Did my best to mix out background noises, but there will be a little on my side towards the end of the phone call.


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