West vs. BRICS: The New Cold War


West vs. BRICS: The New Cold War

By Daily Bell Staff – March 09, 2016

Lula and the BRICS in a fight to the death … “BRICS” is the dirtiest of acronyms in the Beltway/Wall Street axis … So it’s no surprise the three key BRICS powers have been under simultaneous attack, on many fronts, for some time now. -RT

This RT article provides us a momentous summary of the world’s latest Cold War.

It is “The BRICS Versus the Anglosphere.”

The analysis comes from one of the savviest of global journalists, Pepe Escobar, who regularly publishes well-received books about international power politics.

More on the tensions:

On Russia, it’s all about Ukraine and Syria, the oil price war … On China, it’s all about “Chinese aggression” in the South China Sea and the (failed) raid over the Shanghai/Shenzhen stock exchanges.



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