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Things You Are NOT Allowed To Do In CUBA!

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The country of cuba is only 90 miles away from Key West, Florida, but no other country is so close to us yet so mysterious at the same time. Many of us take for granted the amenities we have in non communist countries and we have more freedom than we’d like to think. Compared to some places like cuba on the other hand you might not have the freedom to say what’s on your mind or do things as you please.

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6.Internet Access
Similar to cable TV in a sense, Cubans can’t access the internet from their homes or on their cellphones. According to the sole internet provider of Cuba, offering internet to the private homes of Cubans is not allowed and it’s not a service that’s provided to your everyday cuban. This is something Americans need to know about as our internet is being censored more and more everyday by people with socialists beliefs. If censorship continues to get worse, and tech companies continue to have a say in what goes online and what doesn’t, they may eventually decide who gets the internet and who doesnt. Could you imagine living in a world where the internet was a privilege and not a birthright? In any case, the internet is typically provided for businesses and foreigners residing in the country. It’s almost like they have more rights than cuban born citizens! Only a miniscule 1.67 percent of the population has internet access meaning that they probably can’t watch american eye videos! Will someone please bring them democracy ASAP!

5.No Sailboating
Another restriction that seems rather defeating to native born Cubans is that they can’t get on boats or ships that are apart of a tourist package. That means no matter where a native cuban lives, he or she may not be sold a tourist package that includes a catamaran or a yacht. This privilege is exclusive. Is it possible that they don’t want cubans mingling with other people who have a different lifestyle than those in cuba? It’s not necessarily a law that’s written stone but government owned travel agencies have admitted that this is the case. They simply won’t sell the travel packages that involve these types of boats and they’re for the exclusive enjoyment of foreign travellers.

4.You Can’t criticize Castro
Many of us around the world have limited freedom of speech but we can definitely go on twitter and make fun of our president without having to worry about the CIA or FBI showing up at our front door. One rule in cuba is clear though, you cannot criticize the Castro regime or the Cuban Communist party. This would be an ultimate sin against Cuba after everything Castro did for them! Especially during the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, speaking out against the dictator could have easily gotten you standing in front of a firing squad. Castro may have started out as a good guy who seemingly cared for the people at first, but it wouldn’t be long until he would turn out to be a power hungry despot.

3.No Public Demonstrations
Typically when people feel as though they’re being oppressed, they might gather together in the streets and try to make a statement to the government. We’ve seen this happen quite often in 2019, especially in places like France and in Hong Kong. But in the country of Cuba, you’re just gonna have to suck it up, because large organized protests are actually a felony. The law states that, “ he who participates in a meeting or demonstrations celebrated without respecting the dispositions that regulate this right, is committing a felony against public order. People can’t even protest for their right to protest! This makes it somewhat of an international lawbreaker since Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. Having to worry about going to prison for more than a year really makes you think twice before you pull out your picket sign. If enough people showed up, they couldn’t arrest everyone though right?

2.No Private Schools Allowed
If you’re considering the possibility of sending your kid to boarding school in Cuba, you can’t! Although it might sound like a good idea so you can have some private time, private or religious schools are banned here, and your kid will be forced to receive the proper state-sponsored education full of propaganda. They probably get a full dosage of how america is bad and all that so they don’t decide to get on a boat and sneak into florida. In any case though, Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, with 99.8 percent of their population being able to read or write


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