Things Walmart Doesn’t Want You to Know

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The first walmart was opened up in Rogers Arkansas in 1962 and the world would never be the same. The corporation has made one family about 200 billion dollars in 50 years and having a walmart in your town could have some surprising negative consequences. From battles for flatscreens, to people living in walmart parking lots, here are things walmart doesn’t want you to know.

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5.Loot for the Zombie Apocalypse?
It might look like the zombie apocalypse has already struck at some walmarts but if you gather the courage to try to loot this massive store, it could ultimately yield some valuable supplies. The advantage with walmart compared to other places is the fact that there is so much in stock here that you don’t really need to fight anyone for supplies unless of course it’s the last box of twinkies. We have seen complete chaos at walmart before during black friday so we do know how it can get out of control. Consider flash bang grenades or tear gas in order to in order to calm things down if people get too rowdy. It’s also probably a good idea to get what you’re looking for, then get out. Be sure to bring a big bag in order to safely secure your loot.

4.They Took Your Job
Many people out there feel as though walmart is responsible for much of the outsourcing of american jobs that’s been going on in recent years. First of all, if you buy it from walmart, there is a 50 percent chance that that product or good originally came from china! In the year of 2003, walmart purchased one-eighth of all chinese imports to the united states.Since they must keep their prices low so people will buy them, they must get them from the cheapest source possible. What could possibly help get prices so low? Sweatshop labor. Since other businesses have to keep up with walmart’s sweatshop low prices, they also need to get their supplies from china which means less jobs here in the US. Or it could also result in sweatshop like conditions here in the US, where people are paid the bare minimum and expected to do copious amounts of labor to get by. IN fact, walmart has been a huge employer of the prison population, paying about 2 bucks an hour. Many businesses simply won’t be able to compete or find people who can work for so low and will ultimately lose their job to china.

Walmart has been increasingly anti-union as time has gone by. Imagine if all the hard workers of the company decided to band together and stand up for their rights or demand an increase in wages. There have been illegal firings and even intimidation tactics used on anyone who might consider starting such a walmart union. Store managers are even provided with a handbook that educates them on warning signs that people might be considering such a thing. While reading through the handbook, you almost get the feeling like walmart is training people to sniff out traitors through certain behaviors almost like the chinese government sniffing out people wanting a democracy. There’s even a hotline number given to the managers if they think someone is acting suspicious. There has been a notable decrease in annual income since corporations began to ban workers from joining a union. Swat teams have even been known to break up the protests in full riot gear.

2.Living in Walmart parking lots
We mentioned earlier how walmart has pretty large parking lots which are free. Everything you need to survive is found at walmart. So why not just live in your car in a walmart parking lot and not have to spend your money on rent prices. As homelessness is on the rise in the US, people are looking for some ways to survive and the walmart parking lot seems to be the end of the road. It almost seems to be a win win situation since the homeless are out of sight, not in the streets and there already seems like there’s too much space in parking lots anyway.


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