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From sharks and serpentine amphibians … to insects, seahorses, and cephalopods … here are 16 of the craziest animal eggs

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#8 Harlequin Cabbage Bug
If zebras belonged to a species that laid eggs, chances are they might resemble something along these lines. However, these eggs belong to an insect … namely, the Harlequin Cabbage Bug. It belongs to the stinkbug family, and is known for its striking and distinctive markings. Females will mate multiple times before laying up to nearly 150 of the striped eggs, laid in clutches of twelve. They’re found throughout most of North America, and are regarded as pests that not only destroy cabbage, but other related plants as well.

#7 Marsupial Frog Eggs — First off, these critters have no relation to actual marsupials like kangaroos or wombats. The frogs get this common name because the females have a type of brood pouch on their backs. After the female releases the eggs from her body, the male will fertilize them externally. Then he uses his toes to help place them back within the mother’s dorsal pouch. After about 80 days the tadpoles will emerge from the pouch as fully formed frogs. Did you know that marsupial frogs produce the largest known amphibian eggs?

#6 Octopus Eggs — Most eggs laid by animals will hatch within several months. In the case of the giant Pacific Octopus, brooding the eggs can take upwards of 4.5 years. That’s according to data compiled by researchers in 2007. Eggs are laid and then woven together into strands containing as many as 70,000 eggs. The mother won’t eat while she keeps vigil. It’s thought that the seawater’s cold temperature and the creature’s low metabolism allows it to survive. But after all that faithful duty, the mother passes away once the eggs are finally hatched.

#5 Squid Eggs
The eggs of these mollusks can nearly appear like bunches of grapes, or translucent bananas. At least that’s what they look like like when they occasionally wash ashore. The eggs are usually laid in masses on the seafloor to spawn in groups. Females deliver about 11 pounds (5 kg) of offspring that are sometimes laid in a type of ‘community pile’ that forms breeding aggregations. Experts say that some females will occasionally carry a clutch of eggs in their arms to better protect them. Did you know that some species of squids can deliver a brood that contains 3,000 eggs?

#4 Horn Shark Eggs
Whenever there’s a list about the weirdest looking animal eggs, this specimen is bound to pop up, and no wonder. The unusual drillbit-shaped egg is produced by the Horn Shark. That’s a species of the bullhead shark found along the coastline of western North America. Females will lay a maximum of 24 of these corkscrew-like egg cases between February and April. After picking them up with her mouth, the female will wedge the egg cases into cracks and crevices to protect the offspring from predators.

#3 Caecilian Eggs
Caecilians are a group of serpent-like amphibians found from tropical regions of Central and South America to Asia. They’re noted for their odd appearance. These creatures have no limbs and rudimentary eyes that can only perceive light and dark. Larger specimens resemble snakes, and can grow up to five feet long (1.5 m). Most of the 200 species give birth to already-developed offspring. But about one-quarter of them lay eggs, which are guarded by the female. They’re translucent, and have an appearance that some people have compared to the eggs in the “Alien” movies.

#2 Vietnamese Giant Walking Stick
This species of walking stick insect measures nearly 9 inches long (23 cm), and was discovered in 2014. It’s difficult to believe that a creature built in such a way would produce a bullet-shaped egg. With the odd protrusion, the egg even resembles a type of video game controller, or maybe some type of modern art. While newly hatched nymphs can measure less that an inch long, the eggs are only about a fifth of that length. They’re typically found in the town of Tam Dao (tam-dow) in Vietnam.


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