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Simon Popple: Gold & Silver Miners’ Mixed 2020 Start – Rising Tide Lifts All Boats?

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Gold hit $1600 earlier this month, and the GDX dropped the same day. What is going on with the miners, how are they holding up, how does a person choose which ones to invest in, and what’s the overall outlook for 2020? Simon Popple joins us today to discuss that and more!

Some of the topics in today’s interview include:

– What is going on with BREXIT now that we’re coming up on four years since the election?

– How is the overall economy in the UK doing?

– As the gold & silver miners seem to be off to a shaky start in 2020, what is the overall outlook for the mining sector?

– What are some of the things to consider when looking at the gold & silver miners?

– What about the gold & silver ETFs?

– How can gold, silver and the miners perform relative to the stock market?

– How are the mining companies’ balance sheets holding up?

– What about base metal mining, and what about silver?

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