Office LIFE HACKS You NEED To Know !

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Life can be hard sometimes, especially if you’re working full time every day at the office. Luckily there are some life hacks here that might help you out.

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7. Warmmi USB Gloves
Anyone out there who has to type at the computer all day, understand the difficulty of having move your fingers for a long period of time when the office is freezing cold! Normally putting on gloves just simply isn’t an option since we rely on our fingertips to make a living! Luckily the Warmmi USB Gloves can rid you of the ongoing dilemma. The gloves are heated up to about 46 degrees celsius with while being plugged into the USB port in about 5 minutes! The fingertips are snipped off but it will keep your hands warm and cozy while you’re getting work done on the keyboard!

6. Duct Tape Bandage Hacks
Duct tape can possibly save your life if you’ve been wounded. If you’re completely out of band aids at the office, a small strip will do the trick. Just get piece of tissue and place it in the middle of the strip. So don’t forget to use this in case of an emergency but also call paramedics. Not all jobs will have duct tape handy. Scotch tape most likely won’t get the job done unless it’s a paper cut.

5. The Treadmill Desk
Sitting a desk for a long period of time can strain your back and in general, people who stay seated longer tend to be out of shape. This is why the treadmill desk is a great option of your everyday workaholic who wants to stay healthy and make employee of the month at the same time! This desk, conveniently fits over many standard sized treadmills. Using this will increase your ability to multitask which is always a valued quality at the workplace. This item known as the trek desk, will get you some miles logged in while you’re logged in to your email account. There could be a few different ways to set this up but an in any case don’t fall down!.

4. USB Fridge
Do you ever tired of the fridge at work getting too packed or someone stealing your sandwich that spent precious time making! Well who on earth doesn’t?! The mini fridge is just big enough to store your favorite drink or snack without your nosey co-worker messing around with your food! This is powered with a 4 foot long cable and can work with any PC and Mac devices. The cold plate at the bottom of the fridge, will keep your drink chilled while you’re working! Nothing is worse than a cold coke and maybe your office doesn’t even have a fridge! So you really can’t go wrong here for 30 bucks!

3. Popcorn in the Hood
This might seem like a pretty cool idea at first when you’re hungry. As time goes by, you’ll realize fairly quickly that this was a mistake! The popcorn will crumble into a thousand pieces into your hood and even long after you thought you ate all of it, there’ll always be more! And then finally when you go to put the hood on, you’ll be treating yourself to a popcorn shower!

2. Head Phone Holder
Holding up a pair of headphones can certainly be a challenging part of everyone’s day and you need to approach this type of project carefully, some one may get hurt! Get some thumbtack, one of those paper pincher things and a rubber band. Carefully place the thumbtack on the side of your cubicle. Create a bridge with the rubber band by wrapping it, and finally place those all together and your headphones will thank you for it.

1.Burrito Holder
Who knew that coffee mugs could actually make such great burrito holders? If you grab a quick breakfast burrito on the go you now know where the perfect place is to put them. This person’s desk is looking pretty styling with the dog photo and slick wood tables. But the burrito is truly the centerpiece here. Just remember to finish your coffee before you put your burrito in there. .

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