NFL to players: Stand for anthem or stay in locker room

NFL protests that spread to this high school team

Professional football players who over the past two seasons have snubbed the national anthem repeatedly, using their employers’ venues, influence and profile to protest “social injustice,” have been told by National Football League owners to respect the anthem or stay in the locker room.

ESPN reported Wednesday that NFL owners unanimously approved the new policy requiring players either to stand for the anthem or stay in the locker room while it is under way.

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh said activists and their media supporters will be unable to control themselves.

“All hell is gonna break loose by ESPN ‘Sportscenter’ tonight,” he said. “You’re gonna see people lose it live. … They’re not gonna be able to contain themselves on this. … The leftist sportswriters are going to lose it over this.”

Limbaugh said there’s “no other way to look at this except complete Donald Trump victory.”

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