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Mysterious Monsters from the U.S.

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From half-bat half-man things … to weird and scary swamp things … Here are 12 Mysterious Monsters from the U.S.

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#5 Altamaha-ha
This creature is also known as ‘Altie’ (all-tee), and is said to be a type of aquatic monster that inhabits small streams and abandoned rice fields in southeastern Georgia. It’s been the subject of legend since before British colonization, when it was supposedly discovered by the local Tama (tah-mah) Native American people. The cryptid is said to have a bony ridge on the top of its body, reminiscent of a sturgeon. It has the snout of a crocodile, and swims with its front flippers not unlike a dolphin, but has no rear limbs. While its coloring is said to be gray, some reports claim that it’s green with a whitish-yellow underbelly. The conflicting reports have led some cryptozoologists to theorize the critter can self-camouflage. In 2018 some decomposing remains were found washed ashore on a beach in Georgia’s Wolf Island Wildlife Refuge. It was initially thought to be the remnants of an Altamaha-ha, but that was later disproved.

#4 Honey Island Swamp Monster
Here’s another cryptid in the mold of the Swamp Thing. It’s been reported in and around Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp since the 1960s. It’s said to be covered in thick, matted hair along with swampy reeds and vines. Standing nearly 8 feet tall (2.4 m), and weighing more than 500 pounds (227 kg), the creature has yellowish, reptilian eyes and is said to emit a foul stench. It’s long been blamed for the disappearance of children and for the deaths of local livestock. There are a lot of unusual theories about this critter, some of which involve it being a bizarre type of hybrid of an alligator and an ape. Other sources claim it’s a hybrid beast of plant and animal. According to witnesses, tracks found in the swamp indicate the monster has webbed feet with three toes. That’s led some experts to conjecture that the beast evolved and adapted to a swamp-like environment. Did you know that due to its hairy appearance, this swamp thing is often called the Louisiana Wookiee?

#3 Wendigo
This creature is described as a cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast, from the US into Canada. It appears in the mythology of the native Algonquin (al-gaang-k’win) people and is typically associated with cold winter weather. It’s said the Wendigo can appear as a monster with human characteristics. Or, it can be a spirit that possesses a human, and turns them into monsters. It’s described as a gaunt, ashy-grey creature that can stand some 14 feet tall (4.3 m). Imagine a giant, living skeleton that gives off a foul stink of decay. Most accounts agree the beast has glowing eyes, a long tongue, and fearsome yellow fangs. Some specimens may have huge horns, or antlers. According to legend, Wendigos were formerly human. But when a human resorts to cannibalism, they transform into a wendigo. Some cryptozoologists have theorized that stories of the Wendigo may have been inspired by sightings of Bigfoot.

#2 The Van Meter Visitor
In 1903, Van Meter, a small town in Iowa (eye-oh-wah), was terrorized by a huge bat-like creature that flew at incredible speeds and dive-bombed the citizens. Witnesses described it as a monster that was half-human with a horned head and the large, leathery wings of a bat. As it swooped over the town, the beast emitted a blinding light from its head and released an overwhelming stench. It flew across the building tops for several nights. And even though townspeople fired their guns at it, the creature shrugged off the bullets. At one point they followed the creature to an abandoned coal mine where a smaller version of the monster appeared. Both abominations flew off in a blinding flash of light, but returned to the coal mine the next morning. Even though men from the town were waiting there with loaded weapons, the creatures made a strange shriek and descended the mineshaft. That was the last time the beasts were ever seen. To this day there is still no explanation for what the bizarre visitors may have been. What do you think?


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