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Most UNBELIEVABLE Places in Thailand

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Thailand is a country in southeastern asia with a population of 68 million people and often flocked to by tourists who are intruiged by the mysterious culture, tasty thai food and miles of beautiful coastline. From the temple with a golden toilet to the strange geological formations, here are the most unbelievable places in Thailand.

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8. White Temple Thailand
Also known as Wat Rong Khun but locals, the tourists prefer to call it the white temple since it’s easier, this art exhibit takes the form of a Buddhist Temple. The design is quite intricate and it portrays a massive amount of detail. The temple was damaged by an earthquake in 2014 and has been closed for a long period of time. Many had believed that the building was not repairable but after being closely inspected by an engineering team, they decided to give it a shot. It’s rumored that there is actually a golden toilet inside and it’s considered to be the most beautiful bathroom in all of thailand. So maybe it’s a good place to stop after too much thai tea! It was partially restored but it’s not expected to be completely finished until 2070. Tourists can still take photos outside but no photos are allowed inside

7. Chicken Island Thailand
As you’re cruising through places in Southeast Asia, you may come across a few mysterious looking islands that seemingly form from nowhere. Thailand is home to many interesting geological wonders that are surrounded by sapphire blue beaches. One unique one is known as Chicken Island, which is found in the Krabi Province of Thailand. From different points of view, one might think it’s a giant chicken swimming on the ocean.

6. James Bond Island
This crazy looking rock almost seems as though it’s completely photoshopped but it’s not! A huge limestone pillar juts out from the sea and creates a huge tourist attraction! It’s located in Thailand and many are drawn by it’s beauty and mystery. The limestone tower reaches 66 feet highIf you decide to go to Thailand someday you should probably do it in style and stay somewhere isolated like on Koyao Island Resort, located in the Phang Ng-a Bay. Here you’ll notice many other remote islands in the calm that might be fun to explore. From here, you can also make arrangements for excursions to the famous “james bond island”.

5. Phuket Vegetarian Festival
I guess you could say this is one holy festival? This festival held each year in Phuket, Thailand includes men sticking large knives, gun barrel and other sharp spikes through their cheek! This festival requires people to give up meat for 9 days, as if that wasn’t bad enough. It’s here where they try to call on spirits and give up various products during the ninth lunar month from the Chinese calendar. Participants believe the piercings aides in shifting the evil spirits elsewhere. This guy here really looks like he’s going to be feeling that one tomorrow. Even young teenagers have been known to participate in this brutal ritual. You could never imagine how much stuff you can pierce through your cheek!

4. Chonburi, Thailand
Most of us probably consider Buddhism to be a peaceful enlightening religion but some Buddhists in Thailand with a wild imagination, came up with this park. Also known as the Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, tourists are basically getting an insane walkthrough of the artist’s portrayal of hell, located outside a monastery. Some grotesque statues depict torture and suffering as you walk through. They believe that in Hell, sinners must face brutal punishments. Despite some of the statues being quite graphic, it’s a popular destination for family day trips. Do so at your own risk.

3.Bang Kwang Prison
Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this correctional facility is home to Thailand’s Death Row and certainly one of the worst places in the world you could possible be. Nicknamed the Bangkok Hilton, this seems like the last place you’d want to stay in Thailand during vacation, unless you enjoy eating maggots There’s no problem with housing foreign inmates either. Guards are outnumbered 50-1 and Prisoners are must be in their cells 15 hours a day, and a jampacked full of other prisoners. Many simply lose their minds after staying here too long and many will die from the conditions.

2. Thailand Airplane Graveyard
Planes are used each and everyday and we’ve had them as a way of transportation for the past century now. Planes were at one point, a scarce commodity and now there are so many of them, they’re left abandoned. With advancements in technology and from overuse, planes that were once miles in the sky, now rot away or scrapped for parts. Here we see what’s left of an airplane in Thailand, that’s been scrapped for electrical wires and relentlessly graffiti by gangs in the area.It was also difficult keeping the planes in top condition due to the humid climates. People can still wander inside this giant rust buckets and see what’s left behind from the past.


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