LUCKY Discoveries In STRANGE Places !

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From massive unexpected discoveries buried deep below sand, to you never would have thought to look, here are lucky discoveries made in strange places

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6. Cash From the Past
Coming across a random, unclaimed suitcase can be a surprising event. You never know exactly what could be concealed inside and strangely enough, coming across an abandoned suitcase happens more often than you’d think. A couple in Cleveland, Ohio who was going through their basement made a shocking discovery. They found this mysterious suitcase, stashed in the ceiling of their basement. The home was built in the 1940’s and they came across a few belongings for former residents in the past but nothing like this. As soon as they saw the green, their eyes lit up! Cash and lots of it. Inside the suitcase was 23,000 dollars, wrapped in wax paper. The notes were clearly from an earlier time period from 1928-1934. Inside was a newspaper dating back to the 1950’s. Some of the bills were quite rare and they visited a lawyer to see if they could keep the find legally.

5. Van Gogh Masterpiece
If getting rich is motivation enough to clean out the attic, you should really go for it! In 2013, a norwegian man discovered a work of art that he had originally believed was a well-made forgery. This painting known as the Sunset at Montmajour, spent over 100 years not hung up in a museum and in a dark attic! When it was originally taken to an art museum, the experts deemed it as a forgery since it wasn’t signed. But van gogh was known to do this from time to time on paintings he didn’t like. In more recent years, with new technology, like x-rays, researchers were able to authenticate it. They described as a once in lifetime discovery. A little bit surprised by the discovery, the Norwegian man just decided to keep it. But some have valued it as being worth 50 million dollars at least!

4. Atari Video Game Stash
In Southeastern New Mexico, Atari filled a landfill full of their games cartridges from the 80’s including games like ET, Asteroids, warlords, and centipede. This is almost like the jackpot for nerds! These games didn’t succeed and Atari had to do something with them. Investigators were hired in an attempt to find the games and in 2014 the games were finally uncovered in the landfill near the atari factory after months of planning and investing 50,000 dollars. All of these old, very rare games are collectors items and you really wouldn’t expect them to be found in a landfill. Once they were found over 900 copies , the games sold on Ebay like hotcakes and even the smithsonian was interested in some copies.

3. Antique
While walking along the Dundee Beach in Australia, a boy named Christopher Doukas came across a startling discovery. Due to record low tides, this antique Portuguese swivel cannon was uncovered on the beach. This is extremely valuable; both historically and monetarily. This could prove that the Portuguese had reached Australia possibly before once thought. Walking along the beach could be a fun easy way to strike it rich.

2. Czar Figurine
A man named George Davis, came across an unbelievable discovery when he was searching through his attic in upstate New York. He opened a wooden box and found this amazing Czar figurine. The piece was an estimated 70 years old. It turns out the the Czar, Nicholas the II actually gave this piece to his wife Alexandra. So how george came across it was really seems baffling! This was meticulously handcrafted with the utmost detail and by the finest craftsmen in all of Russia. It used sapphires for the eyes and had gold trimmings on the coat. The Czar demanded that 50 of these be made and given to his closest friends and family.This bill of sale proved that one of George’s relatives acquired the piece in 1934 for only 2,250 dollars. Today, it sold for an astonishing 5.2 million dollars! That’s one lucky find in the attic!

1.A Tank With a Surprise
Many of us would enjoy the possibility of owning our own tank some day to help us fight off zombies. Apparently you can buy them on Ebay, who knew! A military memorabilia collector decided to take a risk of buying an iraqi tank that was abandoned during the invasion of Kuwait and it more than paid for itself! While doing some repairs on the machine, Nick Mead and Todd Chamberlain struck it rich when they found gold bullion stashed inside! The former operators of the tank must have stolen the gold and stashed it inside, when they were faced with some mechanical problems. In case you were wondering, this is a T54 tank made by the chinese. The gold was confiscated by british police and We’re sure plenty of people are going to be calling the lost and found. Someone had basically given away about 2.5 million dollars for the price of the tank which was 30,000 dollars. It’s unclear whether or not he got to actually keep it but he’ll still have a tank in any case.

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