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JPMorgan Gold Rigging, Less than Half the Story | Chris Powell, GATA org

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This Podcast – Not only a strong end to the week for the monetary precious metals prices, but also one the week began with one of the biggest bombshell news items and criminal lawsuits filed against the often alleged silver and other precious metals market rigging bank, JP Morgan Chase.

The silver spot price closes the week at 18 fiat Federal notes per troy ounce, up about 50¢ on the week.

The gold spot price ran up thirty bucks an ounce closing right below $1,520 fiat Fed notes per ounce.

The spot platinum price finished flat for the week, right around the $950 mark.

While palladium hit a new nominal price high fiat Fed notes, closing around the $1,645 fiat dollar per troy oz mark.

Now to the week’s most important bullion related headline.

JP Morgan’s Precious Metals Desk Was a Criminal Enterprise, U.S. Says

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