Grid Down BLACKOUTS as Largest Grid Supplier WARNS of Energy Shortage!

Today, we’re going to talk about the current state of the economy and its potential effects on everyday people.

There’s a mixed picture of the economy, with both positive and negative developments that could impact you. On one hand, there are signs of improving supply chain conditions and other factors. This could lead to more stable prices, new job opportunities, and boost economic growth. It’s a hopeful sign that the economy is moving in a positive direction.

However, on the other hand, there are some challenges that could affect everyday people, such as rising car debt, energy prices, and a cooling labor market. These challenges could put a significant strain on household budgets, making it harder for people to manage their finances effectively.

It’s important to stay informed about these developments and plan accordingly to manage finances. This could involve looking for ways to save on energy costs, upskilling for new job opportunities, or being mindful of spending to prepare for any potential economic challenges.

Overall, it’s a mixed bag of news when it comes to the economy, but it’s important to remember that everyday people have the power to adapt and overcome any challenges that come their way. By staying informed and being proactive about managing finances, we can weather any economic ups and downs that come our way.

Grid Article:
The largest US grid supplier, PJM Interconnect, is warning of an energy shortage due to undeliverable mandates.

These mandates are driving the closure of coal-fired power plants, leaving the grid vulnerable to energy shortages.
PJM is also facing a backlog of 1,200 solar projects that have been put on hold for two years due to a new approval process. This pause could contribute to the energy shortage PJM is warning about.

According to PJM’s Energy Transition report, there are several trends contributing to the potential energy shortage. Electricity demand is increasing, while coal-fired power plants are being retired. However, new renewable energy resources are not being constructed fast enough to replace them. PJM’s interconnection queue is composed primarily of intermittent and limited-duration resources, which may not be sufficient to meet energy demands.

PJM’s analysis shows that 40 GW of existing generation are at risk of retirement by 2030, representing 21% of PJM’s current installed capacity. This, combined with the growth of highly concentrated clusters of data centers and overall electrification, could lead to decreasing reserve margins and potentially contribute to the energy shortage PJM is warning about.

As the nation’s largest competitive market for electricity, PJM Interconnect’s warnings about an energy shortage due to undeliverable mandates and resource retirements are cause for concern. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this issue as it develops.

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