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EPIC Submarine Drug Bust By Coast Guard! – JP Morgan Gets BUSTED For Biggest Cocaine Haul In HISTORY

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent viral video of two coast guard men jumping on a submarine filled with cocaine and slamming their fists down on the hatch causing the smuggler to submit.
While it’s a cool video, let’s look at the real story behind such a viral video. There’s more to it. Outside of these men being in the Coast Guard, what grants them special rights to confiscate the drugs in the submarine? Government? What if we told you that government has smuggled and trafficked more drugs and guns than any other entity in the world. What about contra? What about poppies from Afghanistan?
Meanwhile police are planting drugs on innocent people ruining their lives while government creates a war on drugs and all the while props up the cartels. They’re creating problem, reaction, solution repeat. The Hegelian Dialectic.
Meanwhile JP Morgan was just busted with the biggest haul of cocaine in history estimated to be worth around $1.3 Billion! One of their asset management ships was caught with the haul and confiscated.
The reason for this video is simply to cause people to stop and think about this power we tend to grant government over individuals and why we view government as having more rights than the individual. This is a strange cultist condition that one may call statism or collectivism and it should be examined.

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Josh Sigurdson

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