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Davos Elites Lecture World While Federal Reserve Attempts To Avert CRISIS! (Tim & John Show Ep.1)

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In this podcast, Tim and John discuss the Current Economic Climate in the US, with the Federal Reserve pumping liquidity into the overnight lending markets to keep banks and hedge funds alive. They also discuss how this overnight intervention has turned into 14 day and 1 month terms.

They discuss the problems around the world with social unrest, which is caused mostly by two things: Taxation and currency printing, making the gap between rich and poor even more significant.

They go into the latest on the Trump Impeachment, what is happening in Washington and the Presidential race for 2020.

They are also going to cover derivative exposure in corporate debt and how the debt is being used to buy back their shares. The Corporate Debt Derivative market is almost six times bigger than the CDO market was back at its peak and collapse in 2008.

They also share their insight on the latest crypto news.

They cover different geopolitical and macroeconomic development and will take questions on their live feed on YouTube and Dlive.

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