CREEPIEST Dolls You Don’t Want to Play With !

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From Elmo dolls that might make threats, to dolls owners claim to be haunted, here are Creepiest Dolls You Don’t Want to Play With !

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7. Barbie Collection
How many dolls does it take for someone’s personal collection to start becoming creepy? Trick question! Jian Yang from singapore, poses with his collection at his home. He seems to be immune to the creepiness and it doesn’t affect him. Maybe his doll collection has a gone a little bit too far but don’t tell him that! He has a collection of more than 6000 barbie dolls. This man doesn’t really need wall paper or anything like that, because his walls are basically covered in barbie dolls. Barbie dolls also include some famous characters like Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. If this place ever became abandoned, you could imagine that it would get pretty creepy!

6. Horrendous pencil sharpener
This is probably something you don’t want to get your kid if you don’t want them to have nightmares. Not all pencil sharpeners allow you to stick a sharp object through its eye. The one here called the Sadie Pencil Sharpener was designed by Matthew James Taylor. It’s complete with blood coming out the eye and the shavings are ejected out the mouth. Unless you approve of your child becoming gothic, this isn’t a pencil sharpener they should ow

5. Island of Dolls
Or in Spanish, La Isla de las Munecas, located near Mexico City, this is certainly a creepy , mysterious place that might run chills down your spine. The island is flooded with spooky dolls, tied up and dangling from trees. These would not make for good Christmas decorations, the history and tales told about this place make many wonder if it’s truly haunted. Accounts of why the island was decorated this way seem to vary. Many claim to see the dolls moving around at night and even can hear them whispering to each other.

4. Harold
Apparently the first haunted doll to be sold on Ebay, harold has attracted much attention from paranormal investigators. Previous owners have said be plagued with horrible diseases, sudden illnesses and injury after seeing the doll actually smile at them. Something really just seems off about this one and from this view we can tell it’s missing an eye as well.

3. Amelia
If your kid asked you to buy them this extremely haunted looking doll of Amelia, you have to wonder how your kids will turn out! This one was also auctioned off of ebay claiming that the toy was not for the weak of heart and not for any little kids to have in their bedrooms. The previous owner claimed that her eyes were the source of her power and would change colors on her mood. Finally her eyes went from blue to permanently green because what kind of doll owner would seriously fit a dollar with green eyes like that. In any case though it’s pretty creepy and the owner also claimed to have seen it walk through the hallway giggling.

2. Elmo Knows Your name
Don’t tell this elmo your name or may never forget who you are. It’s almost as if the doll was just designed to be digitally possessed. A young kid named james was excited his parents were able to find him one of the last elmo knows your name dolls off the shelves, at first. The doll was programmed to remember James name and would recite personal phrases. After a while it was clear that those phrases got extra personal to point was it was actually threatening James. The parents thought it was some type of malfunction but after a while, it was clear what the doll was saying. The sinister audio was captured on tape and you’ll never believe what it said.

1. Annabelle The Cursed Doll (Should be #1)
Could anything possible seem more horrifying. Annabelle the doll was found at an antique shop and dates back to the 1970’s. As soon as the little girl Donna brought it home, she began to notice things weren’t quite right. The doll would unexpectedly move to different locations when Donna wasn’t paying attention. She brushed it off as forgetfulness, but from then on, it only escalated. The doll would mysteriously have drops of blood on its skirt and seemingly walked around. After doing an investigation, they found out that the girl who had previously owned it unexpectedly lost her life. After taking it to a psychic investigator, they claimed that it was possessed by a demon that was after her soul! The doll now sits at a museum, in a case that warns people NOT to open it!

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