CREEPIEST Abandoned Hospitals!

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Hospitals throughout the early 19th and 20th century often appreciated for their architecture and some have been given landmark status in places across the US. Other creepy spots in Europe might be over ran with rodents and urban explorers and are supposed to be off limits to the public. From vacant historical hospitals on islands near New York City, to decrepit castles in Belgium once used to keep the sick away from the healthy, here are the creepiest abandoned hospitals

5.Gartloch Mental Hospital
As mental health was beginning to become more researched in the 1800’s, more and more mental hospitals were being opened up in Great Britain and around the world. In 1896, the hospital opened up with 540 beds which was about the right size. But as time went by, it became a tuberculosis sanitarium as this outbreak was striking more fear into the population. It continued to function as on up until for roughly 50 years, and it nearly doubled in size in 1904. Eventually once tuberculosis became less common, it just functioned as a hospital up until 1996 when it finally closed it’s doors. It’s been a popular place for urban explorers to check out and get spooked out by any little noise. Many claim it’s quite haunted and just by looking at it, it seems to give off some spooky vibes.

4.Pidhirtsi Castle
Located in western Ukraine this was built by the polish and lithuanian commonwealth just 80 miles of one of Ukraine’s cultural capitals of Lviv. The construction was ordered by one of the most powerful military officers of the commonwealth between 1635 and 1640 because of its strategic location. It’s guarded by a moat and a drawbridge, along with iron cannons. The castle seemingly was transformed into a palace with additions of a private zoo, vineyards, a trout pond and a mill. It wouldn’t be long however until foreign armies would seek to control the strategic fort and various empires would ransack it for it’s plunder. There was almost a constant battle going on here from the 17th century up until even world war II when it was looted by the soviets. The soviets destroyed various walls and transformed it into a tuberculosis sanitarium in 1950’s. The castle almost completely burned down in 1956 destroying valuable artwork. You can still see the scars from all the abuse this castle has endured.

3.North Brother Island
North Brother Island was once a holding area for smallpox and Tuberculosis patients,and it was founded in the 1850’s, closing down 1942. The buildings were later used to as a rehab center and was completely shut down from the public in 1963. With all the torment and illness as a part of the history on this island, those who actually have been here believe it’s haunted by the souls that once roamed through the hallways. It doesn’t end with just horrific diseases. The island was also the location to a devastating shipwreck that happened when a steamship called General Slocum caught on fire. and over 1000 people on board met their maker. Most of the buildings still stand but are consumed by the forest.

2.Chateau Miranda
Sometimes, castles can just get so creepy, that they just need to be demolished despite historical significance. This seems to be the case of Chateau miranda which was completely abandoned in 1991 and became a target for vandalism and urban exploring of course. The castle wasn’t built until 1866 but the construction was delayed for a long period of time, finally being finished in 1907. The builders of the chateau wouldn’t enjoy it for long and the building was occupied by German Forces during WWII. It became an orphanage for sick children afterwards until and just a large variety of creepy stuff happened here!


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