Creatures with the SHARPEST Teeth !

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From large sharp teeth of the hippopotamus to fish that could rip you to shreds in a matter of minutes, here are 14 animals with the sharpest teeth.

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6. Tiger Shark
Tiger Sharks are some of the fiercest and most feared predators lurking the seas. They are known of eating all types of animals including other sharks like hammerhead sharks. Certainly, humans will be on the menu if necessary. They’re only 2nd to great white sharks when it come to attacking humans. Tiger sharks can have 50 of these sharp teeth at any moment and new ones will regenerate quickly when they lose them. They the job done with their teeth which are extremely sharp soon of they they grown in This predator can measure over 16 feet long and weigh up 1400 pounds. They get their name for the vertical stripes similar to tigers. When these sharks get older, the stripes seem to fade. But that doesn’t make them any less ferocious. With advanced senses of smell and sight, these predators will feast on just about anything including seals, birds, squid, sea snakes, and even old tires floating around. Keep your distance if you can!

5. The Lamprey
This strange looking creature has been dubbed an alien species by marine biologists and it looks simply horrifying! They resemble fossils that are over 360 million years old and have a unique way of feasting These creatures have been introduced to non-native environments and were able thrive, reproducing quickly. This is a parasitic animal like a leech on steriods, with no jaw, that will dig their way through animal’s’ skin with a piston like tounge and drink their blood! Sea lampreys can even grow up to 3 feet long and be as thick as your arm!These are still considered to be a fish, similar to an eel but with no eyes and with a mouth like that, it’s hard to say exactly what it is! These have become major pests, especially in the Great Lakes of North America. These have been known to get turned into food for the upper class, and are sought after in place like Portugal. Lampreys have been been known to latch on to humans and scare the living bejesus of them.

4. Wolves
Wolves have jagged sharp teeth, with jaws at least twice as powerful than any domestic breed. If you think this would be an easy fight for the wolves; think again. How well do these sharp teeth work in action though? Moose, which are a typical prey of wolves are extremely aggressive, especially females who are trying to protect their young and will attack if they feel any threat is geared towards them.Since the wolves hunt in packs, the moose has to account for 3 or more wolves and they come at her from different directions. Considering that fact that each wolf has 42 teeth with 4 fangs, they’re easily capable of ripping flesh with each bit. That’s a lot of sharp teeth for one large animal to have to deal with.The mother can easily knock out a wolf with a quick blow from it’s powerful legs, so tyically this match up is a stalemate but wolves certainly make up for it when they hunt in packs.

3. Piranhas
A piranha is also something you really don’t want to get bit by. The jaws are quite powerful considering the size of the fish, but the razor sharp teeth are what will normally do the damage. Be careful what body of water you decide to go swimming in. The bite of a Piranha measures at 70 pounds of force at the tip of its teeth. This means that Piranha’s bite force is 20 times its body weight. The great white’s bite force matches its own weight. Native to the Amazon River, these carnivorous fish are known for ripping apart the flesh of anything it comes into contact with. So this fish packs a lot of punch or its size. In this video, you can see how fast the fish reacts and how easily his sharp teeth bite through a twig.bites

2. Snow Leopard
Snow leopards are quite rare and wildlife experts believe that there are as few as 4000 of them left roaming around their natural habitats in Central Asia. Although their numbers are scarce, these animals also tend to rely on their teeth for s urvival. They tend to live in higher altitudes of Asia’s mountain ranges. They beautiful cats prey on livestock of villagers who live near their habitats. They’re also unfortunately hunted for their pelts and used in Chinese traditional medicine.

1. Prehistoric Conodonts
This prehistoric animal is credited for having the sharpest known teeth ever to make its presence on earth. But what kind of bizarre creature could accomplish this feat without even having a jaw? The Prehistoric condonts which were eel-like creatures that measured 2 inches and their teeth were thinner than human hairs. Imagine getting pinched by a needle that thin! The teeth are impossible to see with the human eye and if you had one crawling on you, pray that it wouldn’t rip you to shreds. Thankfully these don’t exist anymore and we have the apocalypse to thank for that.

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