CRAZIEST Ice Cream Flavors In The World

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From extremely spicy wasabi flavors, to so other strange frozen deserts you might not know about, here are craziest Ice cream flavors.

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6. Kiwano Ice Cream
Also known as the African horned melon, this fruit almost looks like something from out of this world! But take a wild guess where this one is from! That’s right, Africa. The inside of the fruit is similar tasting to mix of banana, cucumber and lemon. The skin is also extremely healthy and contains high doses of vitamin C. And you guess it, it can be made into an ice cream flavor as well. It might looks a little bit like a lemon sherbet when it’s ready and doesn’t have the green flavor you see as the fruit.

5. Avocado Ice Cream
You might definitely ask for extra guacamole when your at chipotle on your burrito, but have you considered getting your avocado fix a different way? You might even find it amusing to tell your friend it’s pistachio ice cream and see their reaction afterwards. If you think about it, avocados are eaten commonly with sour cream so why not ice cream! It’s unclear exactly how this would taste but considering that avocados are popping up just about everywhere nowadays, you’ll probably wont be surprised if it’s good.

4. Gold Ice Cream
Another ridiculous ridiculous things the reptilians or upper class would probably do is serve ice cream with 23 carat gold. served with the rarest chocolate ice cream at the serendipity restaurant in New York, this is a dessert of royalty. Does gold even have a taste or is it something they need to secretly eat to stay alive? A sundae like this would typically cost about a thousand dollars but many customers were satisfied, claiming it was worth every penny. Some have claimed that gold in small amounts can help radiate skin and slow the process of aging

3. Glow in the Dark Ice Cream
In the past we’ve seen how scientists have been able to make cats and other animals glow in the dark, but are they doing the same thing with ice cream? The answer is a shocking yet and now you can eat ice cream in the dark without having to worry. You’ll never believe what it’s made of. The same stuff they use to make the cats glow! Jellyfish! That’s right. The main ingredient is a jellyfish protein and you can actually make it glow brighter with each lick. Truly the ice cream of the future. Hopefully you don’t start glowing in the dark after trying it.

2. Lobster Ice Cream
Not quite on the same level as golden ice cream, lobster ice cream is also quite fancy. This is typically vanilla or butter flavored ice cream with chunks of frozen lobster inside. It is surprisingly good and you can find it at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It’s made with real main lobster and this proves that lobster is great just about everywhere! They could probably make it more expensive if they used blue lobster which is found from the Chesapeake bay and are extremely rare.

1.Squid Ink Ice Cream
If you thought this was chocolate ice cream, you’re in for a big surprise! Make sure you tell your kid it’s chocolate though or they’ll never try it! Squid ink is added to the process before anything is frozen to give you that fresh ink taste. It gets intensely black and people seem to like it! You can probably consider throwing a banana in there to mix things up

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