BEST Workouts for Your Summer Body

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Summer is just around the… wait its pretty much summer time, are YOU Ready? Check out these unbelievable summer body tips that will make your life easier !

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6. Pullups
Another great workout to get into if your getting ready is the simple pull up or chin up whatever you wanna call it. Some might argue that pull ups are when your arms for spread further apart. While chin ups use a closer grip with your palm facing in your direction Some people prefer to wear gloves while cranking out some of these pullups in case they don’t want to get calluses. It’s understandable that not everyone effectively do this workout but keep an eye out for the machines that might assist you. You ever wonder how thor got so ripped for his movies? One of his biggest workouts was the weighted pull ups. Doing enough pull ups should help you achieve the v shaped body with a strong back and slim waist.

5. Crunches
Although if you’re following a strict diet and are doing some of these exercises, it’s very possible you won’t even need to target your abs with this workout. However, since its almost summer time there’s no reason not to throw these into your routine occasionally. Consider doing some crunches on the same day to get an extra burn in the abdominal region. Keep in mind that abs are 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise. While it’s certainly possible to get a six pack from just cardio, your abs might not stick out quite as much. An increase in crunches during summer time might help the six pack pop out just a little better.

4. Yoga
Summer is supposed to be a peaceful time of year and you might find it to be a good workout if your just getting starting. Being flexible can have many different benefits which includes not pulling a muscle during training. Stretching more often will make your muscles longer, improve your posture and relieve stress. Doing some yoga before or after training your muscles this summer or anytime will greatly reduce your chance of hurting yourself in the gym. Repetitive tasks we do everyday can leave our muscles cramped or our backs sore, but stretching it out can keep you in good shape. It’s also never a bad idea to show off some of your yoga skills at the beach!

3. Kayaking
Alright, it might be time to step out of the gym for awhile and see if you can take out the outdoors. Instead of moving yourself with your upper and lower body while your swimming, if you go kayaking or canoeing, you’re only working out your upper body and still getting a pretty cool tour of wherever you’re at. You might recall the vikings and ancient greeks rowing their boats and coincidentally, they’re often portrayed as being completely ripped. If you go to the gym you might find a rowing machine, but why not try to real thing?! You’ll notice those who are in competitive rowing, kayaking etc tend to have massive shoulders, a strong back and solid core. The movement of waves and trying to keep yourself afloat will also engage your abs too believe it or not.

2. Kickboxing
Although it might be more of an indoor activity, what point are all those muscles serving you if you can’t kick some butt? Kickboxing is an excellent form of cardio which can work all virtually every muscle in your body and will encourage you to gain some flexibility. The higher the kick you can make, the more flexible you need to be. Repetitive use of your arms and legs will lead to a more toned physique. You’re legs will get a vigorous workout and expect to be dripping in sweat after one session. Don’t have trainer? Whatever! Just practice some kickboxing moves but just watch out for your little sister who might come in to the room She might not appreciate your kickboxing hobby after she gets hit in the face!

We understand jogging didn’t make this list because overheating can happen a little bit too easily for running during. Although biking has similar risks at least you got some wheels. The advantages of cycling instead running might be a little more clear during summer. Intense cardio on a bicycle can burn just as much calories as jogging. Biking doesn’t put quite as much tension on your knees or feet which can possibly lead to you taking a break from cardio the next day. Plus, think of all the amazing places you could travel to on a bike as opposed to you only being able to get there on foot.

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