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BEST CASTLES For the Zombie Apocalypse!

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6.Château de Val
Located on a peninsula of an artificial lake in the country of France is found in the remote region of Auvergne where no one would even look to find you. The area surrounding the castle is heavily forested, and the artificial lake right next to it should provide you with plenty of fresh drinking water. There is also a yacht club right next to it, meaning you should be able to snatch one if the original owner is no longer able to claim it. Built in the 13th century, it appears to be in great shape and would prove to be a formidable hideout during the apocalypse. The forest should also provide you with an environment to get some hunting done

5.Castle of Bardi, Italy
This picturesque castle in italy is said to be haunted by various spirits especially late at night. According to legend, the last elephant of Hannibal’s army died at this location during the sacking of rome. The castle was home to a vicious siege in 1269 lead by alberto fontana but was acquired by different rulers throughout history. Built at the top of the hill, this medieval castle should give you an excellent view of zombies down below, so you can tell when they’re coming

4. Lake Bled Island
This fairy tale type setting almost seems like the perfect place to survive the zombie apocalypse until the lake freezes!Although this isn’t a castle per se, there’s certainly no reason to not take advantage of the geographical features here. A lake with not too appealing of a name to English completely surrounds a Baroque Church in the northern part of the country near the border with Austria. It certainly seems possible to transform the church into a stronghold against zombies. (breath) The picturesque environment has mostly been under German or Austrian rule for a long period of time although archaeologists believe they found some evidence of slavic cults taking place here since the 9th century AD.

3.Valletta, Malta
The fact that the city of Valletta is already on an island is a great start After being invaded many times by numerous different people, the island of Malta has an extensive number of fortifications. Here you can find walled fortress, citadels, forts, towers, redoubts and pillboxes. The strategic location has made it desired by many different powers, and if zombies decide to come in, there will be an extremely large number of fortified places to hide. Here we see Fort Manoel, built by the knights of Saint John. It was slightly damaged during world war II but restored and back in fighting condition. Every strategic location of this city is fortified with, including St. Andrew’s Bastion. At the very tip of the harbor, stands Fort St Elmo, with withstood siege by the Ottomans for 28 days. Either of these castles will make for a great option during the apocalypse.

2.Azay le Rideau
The original site of Azay le Rideau was home to a medieval castle but the one we see in modern times was built between 1518 and 1527. It was built by Gilles Berthelot that we see in this portrait, who had a prominent role in handling the king’s finances. The picturesque chateau is surrounded by wooded forests and water which make it a beautiful example of French architecture during this period of time, and also a a pretty strong fortress for the apocalypse. Although it’s not really designed to defend against large scale attacks. Completely surrounded by the indre river, you can focus your attention on defending the only 3 ways to get. So make sure you got a good number of people on your squad and live it up in the chateaux de la Loire.


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