Beachfront home dreamin’ becomes California nightmare

A lawsuit has been filed against the California Coastal Commission for a new rule requiring that homeowners who want to improve coastal properties forever give up their right to protect their residences from “waves, erosion, storm conditions, liquefaction, flooding, sea level rise, or any other coastal hazards.”

The case was filed in Superior Court for Orange County by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of the Coastal Rights Commission.

At issue is a new rule that the state agency adopted a few years ago, the California Coastal Act, which provides and protects public access to beaches and works to preserve coastal resources.

But the law also is supposed to respect private property.

The case erupted because the agency adopted a requirement that homeowners seeking a permit to repairs or improve a property must forever waive all rights to do anything to protect the property from nature.

PLF said that even thought the Coastal Act “recognizes the

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