9 Habitats That Were Ruthlessly Destroyed

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Humans have a big impact on the planet’s environment & the nature which is home to many animal species. Here are 9 habitats that were ruthlessly destroyed.

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Number 9 Arctic
Many have argued that the Arctic is ground zero for climate change as temperatures in the region have increased almost twice the amount of the global average. It’s worth mentioning that the connection between global warming and human activity, at this point in time, is undisputed by the scientific community. The rising sea levels could decimate nearly 50 percent of the nesting areas used by migratory birds.
Number 8 Habitat
A destroyed habitat is one that’s no longer capable of sustaining its native species and ecological communities.
Number 7 Madagascar
Humans arrived in Madagascar about 2,350 years ago and, since then, the island has lost over 90 percent of its native forest. Our arrival to the island also introduced invasive species, such as the Asian common toad.
Number 6 Habitat
It can occur as a result of human activities. This means that, although the habitat is still standing, life is increasingly more difficult for its native plants and animals. The fast-growing human population is one of the reasons behind environmental degradation. Historically there’s always been a correlation between human expansion and the impact on native plant and animal species. This is essentially because more land is used for agriculture and urban development.
Number 5 Mediterranean Basin
People have inhabited the Mediterranean shoreline for at least 8,000 years. The basin is home to over 22,000 plant species, half of which are reportedly only found there. Throughout the years, coastline development has increased tourism in the countries that share the sea’s shoreline.
Number 4 Habitat
This is the process by which wild areas are carved up into smaller pieces, thus reducing animal ranges and restricting their movement. This is particularly true for species of megafauna such as elephants, rhinos or big cats, which require larger home ranges.
Number 3 Tropical Andes
A stretch of land that accounts for roughly one percent of our planet’s landmass is home to approximately 17 percent of all the plant life on Earth. The Andes are a mountain chain found on the South American west coast, stretching from Bolivia to Chile.
Number 2 Impact on Humans
In rural areas the impact of habitat destruction on the human population is more direct than in urban areas. A reduction in natural habitat is often correspondent to a reduction of natural resources available per capita. This also means that people in wealthier countries have to pay more to receive the resources that fuel their lifestyle. Deforestation in tropical forests increases the level of carbon dioxide that’s released into the atmosphere, thus contributing to global warming. Plants and trees play an active role in climate regulation by recycling rainfall through many flora and fauna species perform unique and valuable functions in the ecosystem.
Number 1 Borneo
The video was released a few years later and included in a David Attenborough BBC documentary entitled “Climate Change-The Facts”. Nevertheless, the video served as a startling reminder of the level of destruction that Borneo’s forests are facing. Over the past 16 years, the orangutan population has more than halved.

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