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9 Attacked Animal Lovers

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Animal lovers that got attacked by their pets. These dog owners and zoo keepers got rescued after animals went after them in the wilderness.

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9 Sir David Attenborough
While driving in a Land Rover along with a local big game expert, Attenborough heard a strange tapping sound like footsteps.Then they heard the same sound again, only this time with the rhino ramming its horns into the back of the Land Rover. It lifted the back of the vehicle off the ground and started shaking it. Luckily, the rhino gave up the charge and both of the men were unharmed.
8 Florence Lenahan
On her property in Delaware, Ohio, 74-year-old Florence Lenahan cared for many animals including cows, horses, cats, dogs and even llamas. In fact, her favorite pet was a llama called Baby Doll. Lenahan had bottle-fed Baby Doll from she was young and the two of them appeared to be inseparable. It was later discovered that, while running to greet Florence, Baby Doll had slipped on the wet grass causing her to collide with Lenahan.
7 Vitaly Nikolayenko
Vitaly Nikolayenko, a Russian self-educated naturalist and photographer had such a deep fascination for the brown bears of the Kamchatka peninsula that he spent more than 33 years living with them. During this time he wrote hundreds of journals and walked roughly 620 miles each year through Kamchatka’s remote coastal plains and river valleys. His massive body of work is considered crucial when it comes to understanding the behavior of brown bears. For 20 years he followed a very large male that he named Dobrynya. They’d developed such a bond that the animal would often curl up and sleep only several feet from Nikolayenko.
6 Patricia Wyman
Canadian wildlife biologist Patricia Wyman was excited about her new job at the Wolf Center in Ontario’s Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve. She started work in April 1996, but the pack she was assigned to consisted of five wolves not yet socialized with humans.
5 Ali Khan Samsudin
In Malaysia, Ali Khan Samsudin was known as the ‘snake king’. His love of snakes even earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records. In the early 90s, Samsudin lived with 400 cobras in a small room for 12 hours a day, for almost two months. He also became known as the ‘scorpion king’ when for 21 days he lived in a glass enclosure with 6,000 venomous scorpions.
Number 4 Carlos Carvalho
Award-winning South African filmmaker Carlos Carvalho was attacked by a giraffe he was filming, on a farm about 40 miles from Johannesburg. The giraffe, named Gerald, reportedly seemed curious when Carvalho and his crew first approached it to start filming. While Carvalho was looking through the camera’s eyepiece, the animal swung its neck hitting the filmmaker on the head. He was sent flying several feet into the air.
3 ‘Roar’
‘Roar’ has been described as the most intense film ever made. After Noel Marshall and Tippi Hedren finished filming together in Africa, in 1969, they stumbled upon an abandoned plantation house overrun by a pride of lions. This discovery became the inspiration for Roar. The film is about a family attacked by predatory jungle animals at the home of their keeper.
2 ‘Grizzly Man’
For 13 seasons, bear enthusiast and documentary filmmaker Timothy Treadwell lived amongst the grizzly bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska. When an air taxi pilot arrived at their campsite to pick them up, a large grizzly bear was on site but the couple were nowhere to be found.
1 Steve Irwin
Also known as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’, Steve Irwin was internationally famous for his extreme stunts often involving dangerous animals such as crocodiles or venomous snakes and spiders. The Australian zookeeper and conservationist rose to worldwide recognition with television shows like Croc Files, The Crocodile Hunter or The Crocodile Hunter Diaries, which he would co-host with his wife, Terri.

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