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8 Unfortunate Forgotten Events in History

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Unfortunate forgotten events in human history! These moments were caught on camera & made the world stand still.

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Number 8 Victoria Hall Stampede
In 1883, a theater in Sutherland, England, called Victoria Hall was hosting a variety show for children. There were about 1,100 children in attendance and many of them were seated in the upstairs gallery. At some point in the show, the entertainers were handing out prizes to those in the audience. Worried that they might miss out on the prizes, the children in the gallery started running towards the stairwell. However, the door at the bottom opened inward and had been mostly bolted shut, supposedly to make ticket-checking easier.
Number 7 Donora Smog
Back in the 1940s, smog from the local steel plant wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for people living in the small town of Donora, Pennsylvania. However, the autumn of 1948 brought an uncharacteristic cold front. The thick yellowish smog lasted for about 5 days, until it was cleared away by a Halloween rain.
Number 6 Messina Earthquake
Its epicenter was near the Sicilian city of Messina, which was basically reduced to rubble.
Number 5 Vaal Reefs Disaster
It occurred in May 1995, at a South African gold mine, in the town of Vaal Reefs. The large scope of the mining operation meant that machinery, workers and or were moved on levels via the use of locomotives. On May 10th, a caged elevator platform was bringing 104 workers from the shaft to the surface.
Number 4 Ohio
In April, 1930, a misplaced candle ignited some oily rags on the roof of the west block.
Number 3 The Dhaka Garment Factory
It occurred in 2013, in Dhaka, the country’s capital. The Rana Plaza building had been originally been built to house only shops and offices but three more levels were added to make room for garment factories, which operated heavy machinery. Additionally, it was constructed using sub-par materials and its foundation was based on a filled-in pond, which compromised the factory’s structural integrity.
Number 1 Aberfan
This mining incident occurred in Wales, in October, 1966. At the time of the event, the village of Aberfan was nestled in a valley downhill of seven colliery spoil tips. These were basically heaps of waste materials that had resulted as part of the coal mining process. In contravention to the rules imposed by the British National Coal Board, one of the tips was partly settled on the ground from which spring water emerged.

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