7 Plagues That Are Hitting Our Planet Right Now And Creating An Apocalyptic End Game

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The entire planet is getting increasingly more unstable due to a series of natural disasters that have been ravaging several parts of the world. Millions of people have already been affected and millions more are about to face extra challenges and hardships as global emergencies are quickly starting to aggravate, and a lot more chaos seems to be on the horizon. In this video, inspired by a recent article published by the economic collapse writer Michael Snyder, we’re going to expose 7 different plagues that are hitting the planet right now.
A mice plague is devastating eastern Australia: Can you imagine living in a community infested by hundreds of thousands of hungry rats? That’s what happening right now in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, where an out-of-control mouse infestation is impacting the lives of farmers, grocers, and several other citizens of the eastern Australian states. They are ruining local farmers’ entire grain harvests, and even hotels were forced to close because it has become impossible to keep the critters out of the rooms. A local farmer argued in an interview with Reuters that given the incredibly rapid pace of breeding in mice, the current plague was “likely just beginning, since a single breeding pair can produce a new litter every 20 days or so, birthing more than 500 offspring in a season.”
Large earthquakes are occuring: In 2021 may 7 earthquakes magnitude 7.0 or greater already occurred. One of them was a 7.0 seismic tremor that completely shook Japan. It struck the coast of Ishinomaki, a city located just 65 miles from Fukushima. The USGS reported that the recent earthquake had a depth of 34 miles, and the tremor could even be felt across several areas of Tokyo. Hours after the quake, Japanese government officials reported dangerous changes in sea level and issued a tsunami warning advising citizens to flee the area.
Multiple volcanos are erupting all over the world: The latest data released by Volcano Discovery showed that 29 volcanoes are roaring back to life and currently erupting across several countries. Most notably, an Icelandic volcano that had been dormant for the past 6,000 years has just come to life last Friday, in the Fagradals Mountain. The Icelandic Police notified residents should stay indoors and maintain doors and windows firmly closed to prevent gas pollution.
A new “Megadrought” is spreading across the Southwestern states of the United States: A severe drought was already affecting the state of California over the past few months, but now the weather seems to be worsening as almost two-thirds of the whole nation are abnormally dry. The federal government’s spring forecast revealed that there is “little hope for relief” for the foreseeable future. Weather service and agriculture officials alerted for possible water use cutbacks, in addition to higher chances of wildfires, and the fact that local reservoirs are hitting historically low levels. On top of that, multiple wheat crops suffered irreversible damages.
An enormous swarm of locusts is ruthlessly devouring millions of crops across several parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia: A single locust swarm could contain 80 million locusts that can to fly up to 80 miles a day depending on the wind. In that process, locusts lay millions of eggs, which hatch within 15 days or less. Every day, each locust can eat its own weight in vegetation and that multiplies in a twenty-fold every three months. A single swarm can effortlessly eat as much food as 35,000 people in one day and multiple two dozen times in about three months.
H5N8 Bird flu is suffering rapid mutations in Russia: Experts are worried that soon the virus could start being transmitted from human to human. According to the head of the Russian health watchdog, Anna Popova, the new strain has “a fairly high degree of probability” of human-to-human transmission. Furthermore, outbreaks of H5N8 have already been reported outside Russia, in some parts of Europe, China, the Middle East, and North Africa – but so far only in poultry.
The health crisis isn’t over: Even though mass vaccinations have started in many countries, the new variants found in Brazil might be resistant to the already-developed vaccines. A major difference between the first strain and the strain detected in Brazil, known as P1, is that P1 affects young healthy adults. The new mutation is 2.2 times more transmissible, and even those who already caught the virus could be vulnerable.
It appears that we’re living in times when everything that can be shaken will be shaken. It’s safe to say that this is all just beginning. We should all start getting ready for what lies ahead because it’s evident that things definitely aren’t going to get any easier.

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