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7 Most Devious Girls of the Last Century

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Young, troubled, teenagers & evil girls who grew up in broken homes. These are the most devious girls in the last century.


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Number 7 Michele Avila
On October 2, 1985, the 17-year-old was found in a stream in Angeles National Forest, in LA County. Two of her friends, Karen Severson and Laura Doyle, told Avila’s family they’d left her with a group of three boys in a blue Camaro. They said they’d gone to get gas and returned to get their friend, but she was no longer there. They were also quick to console Avila’s family. Severson actually moved in and became a sort of surrogate daughter to Avila’s mother.
Number 6 Stacy Mitchell
In December 2006, Stacy Mitchell ran away from her family home in Perth, Australia, and went to stay with Jessica Stasinowsky and Valerie Parashumti. After a few days of living under the same roof, Stasinowksy accused her partner of flirting with Mitchell.
Number 5 Honora Parker
16-year-old Pauline Parker and 15-year-old Juliet Hulme were inseparable and developed a relationship. Living in Christchurch, New Zealand, they created an elaborate fantasy life together and would write books, stories and plays about it. When it was decided that Hulme would go live in South Africa, the girls were crushed by the idea of not seeing each other anymore. They decided that Parker would join her. The one impediment they saw to this happening was Parker’s mother, Honora. On June 22, 1954, the girls and Honora Parker went for a walk in Victoria Park.
Number 4 Viktoria Averina
Viktoria Averina was described, by many, as a beautiful girl. In July 2019, she was discovered in an abandoned building in the city of Arkhangelsk, in northern Russia. They lured the girl to the building under false pretenses.
Number 3 Angela Wrightson
In her neighborhood of Hartlepool, County Durham, England, Angela Wrightson was well-known. The 39-year-old had a fondness for alcohol which earned her the nickname “Alco Ange”. The teens, only identified as Olivia and Yasmine, took pictures and posted them on Snapchat as the night went on. It was later discovered that the teens came from broken homes.
Number 2 Shanda Sharer
Such was the case of 16-year-old Melinda Loveless. On January 10, 1992, Loveless got into a car along with 17-year-old Laurie Tackett, Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence, both aged 15. She hid under a blanket in the car as they drove to pick her up. Once Sharer was in the car, Loveless sprung out of the backseat and began to question her about her relationship. Afterwards, they drove to Tackett’s house. All four girls then went to McDonald’s, where they reportedly started joking about what had happened.
Number 1 Skylar Neese
Skylar Neese, Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy were close friends and attended the same high school, in West Virginia. On July 6, even though they’d recently had a falling out, the girls convinced Neese to sneak out of her bedroom and join them for a drive. However, the real reason might have been that Eddy and Shoaf were trying to cover up their love affair, which Neese knew about.

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