6 of the Most Luxurious Lifestyles

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Living a life behind bars can be luxurious. Check out these cells equipped with flat screen TVs.

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6 Jason Crocker
In December 2013, Jason Crocker found that life was rather comfortable & wasn’t shy about showing off his comfort to the world. Using a cell phone he took various photos, including selfies, inside two different cells that he’d stayed in & posted the images to his social media. Even though his Facebook page was hidden to anyone who wasn’t his friend, the images soon spread. The pictures show one of his rooms complete with a TV, two gaming consoles, fancy cigars, DVDs, a home entertainment system & newspapers. One of the pictures also shows the door being wedged shut with what appears to be a broom handle. The Facebook incident wasn’t Crockers first of this sort. In the past he admitted to having a BlackBerry cell phone & six weeks were added for using dating websites & Skype. As the pictures began circulating on the Internet there was outrage from the public regarding the apparent soft treatment.
5 Honduras Prison
In May 2017, 773 people were moved from Marco Aurelio Soto near the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, to a new one called El Pozo 2, in La Tova. The transfer took place supervised by Juan Orlando Hernandez, the President of Honduras. Pictures soon emerged showing the comfortable life that the members had been living in the overcrowded Honduran. Their cells looked more like designer-apartments complete with color-coordinated furniture, air conditioning, coffee machines, food blenders & well-stocked fridges. Also flat screen TVs & gaming consoles with the latest releases. The highest ranked members would have access to a room called the ‘Kamasutra’, a special comfort room with ambient lighting & mirrors, for visits with their girlfriends or wives.
4 Bilibid
Located on the outskirts of Manila, in the Philippines, Bilibid was known as an overcrowded place. The facility featured a bar, air conditioning, flat screen TVs, a Jacuzzi, neon lights & toys. He had his own closed-circuit camera system, as well as a kitchen, bar & sauna. The raid on his operation uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars stashed in Louis Vuitton cases, laptops, cell phones, money counting machines & to top it all off, a life-size doll. Known as ‘Herbert C’ to his fans, he became a top recording artist.
3 Jarvis Chimenes Pavao
There were rumors of Pavao’s plan to get out. They found Pavao’s room was actually an air-conditioned three-room apartment complete with flat screen & DVD collection. The VIP room also had a bathroom, a kitchen, wardrobes, tiled walls & furniture. He’d also paid for the renovation of the library, toilets & the cooks’ salaries.
2 La Catedral
Going there can be a bad experience with consequences. The richest man in colombian history didn’t live like an ordinary man & he didn’t go there like one either. He entered a non-extradition agreement with the Colombian government in 1991, which specified that he’d serve a maximum term of five full years. He basically built his own one which he named La Catedral. La Catedral was nicknamed ‘Club Medellin’, a luxurious private one where he would often throw parties for himself & his associates. He sat on almost seven acres of land had a soccer field, a disco, a pool hall, Jacuzzi tubs, many bedrooms with king-sized beds, several kitchens, offices, the most advanced electronic equipment of the time & a sophisticated alarm system. A truck visited the compound on a weekly basis to provide it with the ‘necessities’, which included, among others, female guests for his men. He reportedly also installed a telescope so that he could see his daughter in Medellin while talking to her on the phone.
1 Riyadh Ritz-Carlton
At the order of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the state began cracking down & started making some notable desicions in early November, 2017. The only question was where would all of them be housed? It was considered too demeaning to take them to an ordinary one & so alternative means of accommodation had to be considered. That’s how the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh became the world’s most luxurious one. On November 4, 2017, all of the hotel’s guests were asked to assemble in the lobby & were subsequently relocated to other hotels in the capital. The Ritz-Carlton was turned into a five-star location for dozens of former officials & business people, such as billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the richest men in the world. Among the VIP prisoners, there were also at least four ministers & ten princes. Even though the phone lines & the Internet in the 492-room hotel were disconnected, they could still fully benefit from its luxurious services. These included, among others, a spa for men, a bowling alley, an event hall & an indoor swimming pool.

They Will Kill You

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