25 SCARIEST Faces In Strange Places !

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Go ahead and consider this next video to be proof completely insane! In this video, you might get a full dosage of the psychological syndrome known as Pareidolia which means you might see 25 SCARIEST Faces In Strange Places !

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11. Monkey Pig
Would you be a little surprised to see the face of a monkey on the body of a pig? You might have certainly been in for a surprise if you were walking down the streets of havana and came across this creature! It had a very short snout, a protruding head and a jaw similar to ours. Videos of the monkey pig began to go viral on the web and he eventually became the local tourist attraction. People described it as a one of a kind animal and like something they’ve never seen before. Some blame environmental pollution, others; just a genetic defect. The monkey pig however didn’t last too long and is currently in monkey pig heaven.

10. Switch Face
Do you ever wish you could switch faces? Well go ahead! You might break this things nose and not care one bit. Imagine you’re nose getting switch on! Right now it’s totally turned off by your behavior.

9. Two-faced Cat
It’s not just teenage girls that can be two-faced! Cats can be too! We supposed it would be a little bit scary to have a face, on the other side of your face, so we’ll go ahead and put it on the list! The cat here that we see in this photo is sometimes referred to as Frank Louie and was able to live a miraculous 12 years which was the longest living two-faced cat living. They or it, even hold a guinness world record for this. The owner stood firm, despite advice to have it euthanized.

8. Outlet Surprise
After this next realization, we might just wanna start using the european outlets instead. But that can also look like a person too! Have you ever even noticed that an outlet, pretty much looks like the surprised emoji? They say if walls could talk, but what about outlets? It almost looks like it just saw you naked and was kinda shocked. The the european one looks like it doesn’t mind watching. In any case though, ON a daily basis, we go around start sticking electrical plugs into its eyes. That just sounds like straight up torture!

7. Easter Island Eggplant
You will most likely not be seeing any eggplant emojis look like this and if you do, don’t send it to your girlfriend! In case you thought the statues found in Easter Island were made after some sort of alien creature, think again. Maybe easter island was just making statues of eggplants the entire time and we’ve just been fooled by mainstream media.

6. Mars Face
Many images are taken in outer space, which eventually might reveal a face! Although humans are tend to recognize faces in the strangest places, but here, we can clearly make out a mouth, two eyes and mouth? Is this also purely a coincidence? Did aliens feel like carving out a face in their version of mount rushmore? Probably not. In any case though, the face was debunked after images from other angles were taken of the mountain.

5.Google Earth Face
German researchers were hoping to test out their facial recognition technology on google maps to see if they could find some strange faces in on the globe. The two faces we see here almost look as though they’re about to engage a in a sweet embrace. Almost like a god and goddess coming together these two hidden faces in the magadan oblast region in russia meant to last eternity together, until there’s a landslide.

4. Tornado Monster
It appears as though someone has not appeased the gods and this waterspout monster has combined forces with other water spouts to create a terrifying looking monster. Nature can cause some pretty crazy stuff to happen. Three of these combined and the results were just a little bit scary.

3. Nefarious Mop
This evil villain mop that you’re looking at is secretly plotting on mopping up the mess it makes after it deals with you! It might look like it hasn’t eaten in a while, so it’s clearly hungry. And it looks like you went to the wrong bathroom.

2. Depressed Leaf
This leaf here is clearly sad about global warming. “Can’t humans just leaf our environment alone”! Can’t humans and nature live in harmony?

1. In the Front
Everyone watchout! These two unidentified car thieves could be lurking in a neighborhood near you and police need your help identifying them. If someone walks out their car and comes across these two, they might think the seats are already taken

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