25 Basic Skills You Should Master To Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse

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Wildfires, storms, floods, pest infestations, supply chain disruptions, and economic collapse can all happen unexpectedly. A disaster – whether is natural or a result of human actions – can turn life upside down and change society as we know it in a blink of an eye. Here in the United States, we have experienced all of those calamities over the past year and we became unpleasantly aware of how our leaders are unprepared to handle a national emergency. Threats of economic collapse continue to emerge as our country’s vulnerabilities have been exposed to the whole world. And this might be particularly dangerous at a time of growing tensions with other economic superpowers because now they know where our blind spots are at. And as the entire globe is fragilized and leading economies are facing steep recessions, our resource-rich country becomes an obvious target. The last thing you want to do is to wait until things have gone wrong to start acting.
We have been facing exceedingly tough challenges over the past 17 months, and we’ve learned the hard way how much a single disaster or disruption can impact everyone’s lives. And there are many more challenges ahead as we approach another season of extreme weather conditions, while widespread shortages are getting even worse, civil turbulence continues to erupt across major cities and our power grid and water systems remain vulnerable to external attacks. But something we do not need to learn the hard way is how life can radically change in a snap of fingers. It’s possible to prepare in advance and to set our minds into learning skills that can ensure our survival. So that when things go south you won’t get desperate trying to do everything you postponed all at once, you will only have to readapt your mindset, grab your essentials and head out.
Developing the mental and emotional capabilities needed to make it through times of crisis are also survival skills that can be learned. Many may think that this sort of ability will come naturally, as we often adapt to situations that arise unexpectedly. However, when a disaster occurs, it might become extremely hard to keep calm and to think clearly amid the rising chaos. Having some techniques of situational awareness in mind will allow you to assess the situation you’re in with more care and will definitely be of great advantage to you.
We have previously discussed about the supplies you will need to ensure your survival after the imminent economic catastrophe, but just as important are the skills you need to develop to adapt to any situation and any place you’re in. Supplies may be incredibly helpful, but they can be stolen, burn, or lost in a storm, but the knowledge and skills you have will stay with you no matter what. That’s why today, we listed 25 basic skills you need to master before the next economic collapse or any type of disaster. Take some time to learn them and also stimulate your family members or your group members to learn them as well.
The time to get ready for the next economic collapse is not after it has already happened. It’s right now. So don’t wait until it’s too late, check out this list and start preparing today.


Epic Economist

Epic Economist

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