14 Things That Will Save Your Life During the Zombie Apocalypse

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Careful planning along with the right equipment will be necessary. Today we’ll take a look at things that will save your life during the zombie apocalypse

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7. A Personal Locator Beacon
While preparing for the zombie apocalypse you have to consider preparing for things after the initial outbreak is over. Many of your friends and family have already turned into mindless zombie and you’ll need to reach others out there who are still alive. Owning a device like this is something everyone should have in their kit. If you’re able to meet some other friendly preppers, it’s probably not going to happen from wifi connection. You’ll need another method. This ACR Aqualink Personal Locator Beacon, includes a GPS positioning system, 5 year battery, lanyard, and strobe light. This sends a distress signal rescue workers using satellite technology, letting them know where you are and that you’re among the few living.

6. Your Zombie Vehicle
By now you’ve probably watched our videos and understood the importance of having a reliable vehicle during the break out. You’ve possibly thought of a few modifications to make to your car, motorcycle, etc and are ready to put it to use. Because who knows when you’ll need it! This can and will save your life and get you the heck outta town if you know what you’re doing. Although you may not know how effective your vehicle truly is until zombies are roaming around, you have to treat your ride with respect. It only will really be able to save your life if it can properly run over zombies, can help you get past traffic and get you to your stronghold safely

5. Fire Extinguisher
Even if you’re not preparing for a complete breakdown of society, it might be a good idea to own a fire extinguisher. Fires are sure to breakout when chaos has struck the city. Zombies are fairly good at vandalizing things and we’re sure they’ll start all kind of fires. We assume that they are highly flammable.They might tend to run after they’ve been struck with a molotov cocktail and end up catching your house on fire. Who knows! Having a garden hose is a cool and all but that can’t put out all kinds of fires. Not only could they be useful for putting out flames, they should also make for a decent object to do some zombie clubbing if necessary.

4. Super Glue
Doomsday preppers are well aware of the benefits of having some superglue around. Also able to close up wounds, gorilla glue can close up minor injuries if it’s spread over the wound before it dries. It will created a smooth surface over the wound until new skin begins to form. And who else knows what you can use super glue for? To build a shelter, that’s right. You can use it to help you build a shelter in the woods and it can be a handy substitute for nails.

3. Portable Car Starter
If something goes wrong with your car while you’re trying to escape zombies, the consequences won’t be good. A portable car start or jump starter will possibly save your life if you get that battery to work again. We’re all away of what happens to people when their car breaks down during horror films and the dangers of this happening during the apocalypse is magnified. This one here is compact enough to store in your glove compartment and has jumper cables attached to it. It also has a flashing light you could maybe use to signal to helicopters who are on patrol. Whether they stop to help you or not, is up for question. Make sure it’s fully charged before you decide to leave.

2. Plastic Wrap
One way to keep you from having your food spoil during the apocalypse, would be to stock up on plastic wrap. Not only is it useful for plenty of life hacks, you can also use it to wrap wounds or heal minor burns. Some people claim that before wrapping a minor burn in plastic wrap first pouring fresh cool water over it, is a great way to treat some pain and keep the skin hydrated. There’ll be more opportunities to use plastic wrap and being able to preserve some food you come across during your travels may prove to be essential .

1.The Dogbone Watch 1.0
Time is essential during the zombie apocalypse and few minutes wasted could cost someone their life. Eventually when information is uncovered about the virus, there will likely be a known amount of time you have to get someone the cure after they’ve been bit. This watch will certainly help you keep track of that time. All it needs is a battery and it will last you just about forever. Made from an old soviet design. In this photo you see it being charged with a duracell battery but it can also use lithium ion batteries. Complete with brass tubing, this could be the design of the future and can help you escape just in the nick of time. And for whatever reason, if it ends up not working, it’ll still look pretty cool and it;ll keep zombies from biting your wrists, which might save your life.

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