WSJ: Companies Seek Workers in Dead-End Jobs to Fill Openings

American workers are less willing than prior generations to relocate to find better-paying jobs, pushing some companies to seek out workers who are underemployed, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

With the national jobless rate near a 16-year low, companies are seeking to open offices in cities with a high proportion of working-age men and women who are doing freelance gigs or menial, dead-end jobs.

“They may be in jobs, but they may be jobs they don’t like or don’t have the opportunity for advancement,” Ernie Lynch, the president of Lynch Fluid Controls Inc., a Canadian company that makes components for hydraulic and motion-control systems, told the newspaper.

His company opened its first U.S. warehouse near Buffalo, New York, a city that has suffered from a long-term loss of industrial employers. More than 132,000 people are underemployed in the area, according to research commissioned by economic development group Invest

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