This day in WND history: China blames WND for hype over poisoned food scare

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China blames WND for hype over poisoned food scare

Sept. 14, 2007: The official Chinese news agency Xinhua blamed WND for over-hyping the safety issues about food and consumer goods exported from the Asian giant – specifically citing a story that sparked a wildfire of coverage by other media.

“For example, in May [2007], the conservative news organ asked, ‘Is China Trying to Poison Americans and Their Pets?’” the Xinhua story stated in trying to make the case for racism in the U.S. media.

It was the only example of negative news coverage mentioned.

On the other hand, the official Chinese news agency praised the Washington Post for setting the record straight.

“China has been portrayed as a nation blind to hygiene and blissfully unconcerned about recent reports of food contamination,” said a Washington Post commentary that formed the basis of China’s attack on WND. “That’s troubling, because it reinforces the notion

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