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Council on Foreign Relations calls for more military spending to boost US dominance

CFR Elites Seek Renewed Military Spending Around the World New World Order is New World Disorder … Richard Haass, president at Council on Foreign Relations, discusses this weekend’s attacks in Turkey and the Ivory Coast and the importance of international leadership by the United States. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” – Bloomberg The Council on […]

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Ron Paul: Loretta Lynch and the government war on free speech

From Ron Paul at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: During her appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted that she asked the FBI to examine whether the federal government should take legal action against so-called climate change deniers. Attorney General Lynch is not responding to any […]

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Saving Social Security

Saving Social Security

Social Security’s long-term prognosis is grim, and every solution that’s been suggested has been deeply unpopular with one faction or another. But Wharton’s Olivia Mitchell has found a partial remedy she says will be hard to dislike.

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Who is the Richest Company in the World? Alphabet Hits the Trillion Dollar Jackpot

One of the biggest news in finance this week was learning how Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is now the world’s most valuable business. They were able surpass Apple, their long time high-tech competitor as the top company. Alphabet’s shares rose by six percent after they finally unveiled their estimated fourth quarter earnings result, with their […]

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